28 April 2011

The more I have of it, the faster it goes...

Time for a little summing up I think. So far, in my first three weeks of not working I have:

  • Tidied my house
  • Been cycling twice
  • Used the Wii fit twice (ok, so that has been yesterday and today so it's a new habit!)
  • Painted one table (not quite finished)
  • Written two blog posts
  • Had one tea party
  • Finished zero corsets!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrrrrrrrgh! I thought that working from home on something I love would make me super-productive, and I would have finished corsets ready to photograph and sell coming out of my ears. I am once again reminded that discipline and drive are really not my strong points.

Clearly I need to solve this problem now, otherwise I will be back to an office before you can say, "what about selling your corsets?"

Although I am enjoying doing what I want when I want, I think some structure is needed to enable me to actually move forward and get something proper done.

Luckily my friends Sandra & Jo set me some goals when they came over last week:
  • Start a blog (done, as you can see)
  • Finish the corset you've been working on by 7th May
They will be checking up on me, so I won't get away with  shirking. Pictures of the latest corset will be revealed on 8th May, please feel free to check up on me to make sure they're here. Now I'm off to have another cup of tea and browse my email...


  1. Yes, the clock is ticking ... I will be checking for a finished corset :)

    Trust me, you'll LOVE being at home, as soon as you get into the flow of things - it will take some time though.

  2. Well done Gaye - it sounds like you are well on track. I cannot wait to see your first corset :)