23 April 2011

Now just where do I start?

Uh oh. I have figured out what I want to share with the world, sorted out my template, discussed ideas with friends and now there's nothing left to do but post.

But where do I start? The first post is an overwhelming challenge for me. the one thing standing between me and the blog-reading public... and I have no idea what you want to know!

Should I introduce myself: married for 7 years, live in 3 bed semi, graduated 10 years ago and have held a series of unfulfilling jobs since...

Or would you like to know about my creative pursuits?: always loved making things, liked to cross stitch in her teens which led to knitting, which led to scrapbooking, which led to sewing and corset making...

I guess both of those are relevant, and give you some idea of what I might waffle on about in future posts. So I will keep it short & sweet and leave it there for the moment - don't want to spew out everything in post one now!

Gaye, on a sunny bank holiday weekend


  1. Well done Gaye, first post is great and I can't wait to come back for more. The blog looks really good :)

  2. YYYYeeeeahhhhhh, way to go :) The blog is looking fabulous.