01 November 2011

Bad blogger!

Oh dear. I have totally failed to keep this up to date! I've been meaning to post and break the silence for ages, but it's even harder than a first post!

Today I thought I would share an in progress project that someone suggested I add, then hopefully I can add some things I've been working on over the last few months.

Today's project is a wreath decorated with flowers made out of book pages. I'd seen a few of these on the internet, and knew I needed one of my own, but I was only motivated to start it when my friend Ali got a die-namics rolled rose die. This has meant I haven't had to hand cut the flowers. I kind of wish the die made a bigger flower, as it's taking forever, but it does look pretty. So far I am on book number two - for some insane reason I decided to use two cuts per flower for a fuller appearance. Anyway, enough blathering, here's the eye candy...

Will take some more pics of this when it's finished and hung. I'm planning on hanging it from a square frame with a black ribbon. I might add a few beads in the flower centres, not sure whether I should embellish it or go for a clean and simple look.

Other projects I plan to share with you are:

  • Black corset with feather trim - started about 6 months ago, now languishing in a bag
  • Two 50s inspired dresses - I am making these for myself and a friend to wear on a 50s night in a few weeks. They're both red, one is a halterneck with black polka dots, and the other has 3D circles stitched onto the fabric all over - sounds odd, you'll have to see it to get what I mean
  • Some scrapbook pages - I only seem to scrap one or two a month, I don't really do quick makes, but I'm happy with that. I've been scrapping a recent trip to Cologne
  • A cute cupboard I made with an old washboard as the door - did this from start to finish in an afternoon and it's hanging in my downstairs loo
  • A beautiful old sewing machine with it's own cupboard that I got from a charity shop and am renovating

That's all for now, maybe I'll add another project next week!


  1. Welcome back, your wreath looks amazing. Can't wait to see your other projects x

  2. Thanks Jo, glad you haven't given up on me!